April 11, 2004

So much for the usual restful Sunday morning

Early this morning, I was sleeping fitfully by the front door. A strange, sickly sweet smelled assailed my highly sensitive nose and unusual sounds affronted my ultra-sensitive ears. An alarm blared though my brain. Something was afoot in the front yard. I nosed the blinds up just enough to look out into the yard. The darkness and my poor eyesight disclosed nothing. I ran through the house and through the kitchen and darted out the little flap covered hole that was designed to allow my ingress and egress from the house. I ran to the fence and sniffed. I caught the pure aroma of rabbit. Our front yard had been invaded by a rabbit. I was trapped by the fence in the backyard and unable to chase it away. I did, of course, the only thing any self-respecting guard dog would do. I began to bark. I worked diligently to raise as much ruckus as possible in hopes my lord and master would open the gate and allow me to fend off the villainous intruder. As it was, my vicious alarm frightened the intruder, and it immediately departed the premises. I do take my responsibilities seriously and work long and hard to provide an adequate level of security for these premises. I hope I do not get chastised, though, because I noticed that the rabbit managed to scatter about a bit of brightly colored flotsam prior to departing. Due to the language barrier, thankfully, I will not be debriefed about this matter. If I was required to describe what little I did finally see through the slats in the fencing of that rabbit, I would have to describe a pink rabbit toting a basket. That would surely lead to another accusation that I had been licking the last few drops from those mostly emptied beer containers that never seem to make it into the trash receptacles.

Posted by Bill Bulldog at April 11, 2004 06:16 PM

That was ME, a BLUE bunny you were barking at, young Pup. Good thing I dind't know you, or I'd've whapped you on the nose with the rolled up newspaper I carry with me.

Posted by: Roxette Bunny at April 13, 2004 02:26 PM

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