April 11, 2004

The Democrats have gone to the dogs

I was sniffing around Munuvia and somehow found my way over onto the blog at John Kerry's website. They have a couple of dogs blogging for Kerry and begging for cash. They also are asking for people to make the following pledge:

Yellow Dog Pledge - I vote for Democratic Candidates as I believe in Democratic values such as universal health care for all Americans, choice, gun control, pro-environment, deficit reduction, equal rights, gay marriage, voting rights for Washington, DC residents (and canine equality ). (OK, we're sneaking that last one in! Shhhh!)
Sorry, but as a dog, I have to say that SparQuay and Karo Mae are the two most ignorant dogs that ever attempted to blog. Now I am not qualified to comment on the supposed Democratic values contained in that oath. I will allow the humans to hash that out in the next election. However, allow me to say right now that I am totally and 100% opposed to canine equality. I am not wanting to share my kibble and dog biscuits with any government tax collector. I like things fine, just the way they are, as far as the lives of dogs are concerned. Well, on second thought, they could do something about those harsh leash laws and cruel dog catchers.

Posted by Bill Bulldog at April 11, 2004 10:33 PM
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