April 14, 2004

I will now agree to answer some of your questions

Well, it seems that my superior intelligence level has been discovered and I have been getting a lot of questions in my email. I answered the little third grader's question about the materials of which black holes are made and how old they get before they die, but I thought some of the more unusual ones I would answer publicly for the enjoyment of all the readers.

Deer Bird Bran,

I licke you. Till me moore aboat you. Doo you live up the Unite State? What state aer in Mir.. Moose and what dog and cat who's nims I frogit live//


Hi Francois. I assume by your name and great command of the English language that you are 5 years old and live in either France or Quebec. Your mommy did not assist you in any way and is not aware that you yet know how to send email. Of course, that superb display of my keen intellectual skills went nowhere toward answering your question. Yes, I and my blogging compatriots do indeed live in the United States in that mostly unknown 51st state: the Great State of Confusion. In fact, we live in the capital city of that state. I, Mr Myopic Moose, Bill the babbling Bulldog and that stupid Miss Kitty all live together with one unnamed human caretaker in the midst of Utter, Confusion.

Posted by Bird Brain at April 14, 2004 06:18 PM
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