April 16, 2004

Lost posts and altered passwords

Susie says she doesn't have anything to blog about and yet was able to blog. In fact, she was so well prepared that thanks to her

"save early, save often" philosophy
she was able to avoid the mess that just befell me. Yes, I just lost the previous totally meaningless and poorly composed post that been designed to occupy this space. It somehow disappeared into that great void where lost posts go. Bird Brain suggested that it is the same place where missing socks reside. He is wrong about that, but I am not going to share such information with him. I am avoiding him because he changed my password. All morning, I sat here, to no avail, racking my pitifully poor little mouse brain trying all kinds of combinations. Bird Brain had his laughs and I finally gave up. I left. I took my secret tunnel outside to eat some of the bird seed that had fallen from the bird feeder onto the ground below. I came back in and the password had been changed back to *******. I am worn out now and ready for a nap.

Posted by Mr Mouse at April 16, 2004 12:50 PM
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