April 22, 2004

They have upgraded our prize again

Bird Brain never did get to see what kind of Flappy Bird we were going to be awarded in the Ecosystem Contest. I was informed that due mainly to all my skittering here and there, I have generated enough interest in the goings on at Beyond the Black Hole, that the Contest Judges have decided that instead of a Flappy Bird, they are going to give us an Adorable Little Rodent. Hey, wait, isn't that what I am? Oh well, I guess we really should be happy. There are a lot of contestants who are clamoring for the Flappy Bird that we never received. I think it is just a common chicken though, and not a highly intelligent Parrot like Bird Brain.

I would like to note that the recent climb up the ranks has also propelled Beyond the Black Hole into the lead spot among all blogs with the word BEYOND in the TITLE. There are quite a number of such blogs.

Posted by Mr Mouse at April 22, 2004 11:11 PM
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