April 24, 2004

I'm Back!

Well, I am out of rehab. Clean and sober! No more catnip for me. Living life one day at a time. Rehab was not so bad, well once the withdrawal problems subsided. It was not like I did not have company. There were plenty of other cats around. There were a couple of celebrity guests surrounded by such large entourages, I could not ever see who the were. It must be great to be famous. Bird Brain says this blogging thing might make me famous, maybe as famous as Garfield.

I will say one thing for blogging, you do get to meet some interesting cats. Take this hot looking tomcat, for example. Meow!!!!

Still, it seems the human pussycats [Example One - Example Two] are yowling over the behavior of some human tomcats [Example One - Example Two - Example Three] while I was away. I never seem to understand when the kitty cats get in such an uproar over the actions of the tomcats. They are tomcats, after all. All they do is prowl around looking for a good time. Do you ever see one of them that seems as interested in caring for kittens as they are in making kittens? Do you ever wonder how they can miss the litter box when they are standing right in the middle of it? You think one belongs to you, and yet, you know that he is sneaking all around town, sniffing the pheromones of every pussycat he meets ... just hoping to get lucky.

I am thinking the more you squawk about what they do, the more they will keep doing it. I remember my mother telling me that if someone is picking on you and you cry, they are getting what they want. If you just take it without saying a word, they will soon tire of the game and leave you alone. I think that is still some good advice.

Of course, I might be way off base about some of it. Although I hate to admit it, Mr Mouse is right about us understanding humans. There are some things about humanity I cannot understand at all.

Posted by Miss Kitty at April 24, 2004 10:55 AM

I remember my mother telling me that if someone is picking on your and you cry, they are getting what they want.

Blogs are about a lot of things, including cross-blog debate. My post was not about feeling picked on and crying. It was about offering a response and a viewpoint within the context of a cross-blog debate.

And there's a world of difference between a "tomcat" and an asshole.

Posted by: ilyka at April 24, 2004 03:27 PM
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