May 17, 2004

I guess I am not a bad-ass mouse

Three mice are sitting in a bar. The first mouse takes a swig of his beer and says, "I am a bad-ass mouse; I'm so tough that in my neighborhood we have these big mouse traps. I walk up to them, grab the cheese, catch the bar and press it up and down with one arm while I eat the cheese. I'm a bad-ass mouse."

The second mouse takes a couple swigs of his beer and says, "That's nothin'. In my neighborhood, we have that rat poison stuff, and I grab it, eat it, throw it in my water, and gargle it. It ain't nothin. I am a bad-ass mouse."

The third mouse slams his beer, gets up and starts walking away. The other two look at him and say, "Where are you going?" The third mouse looks at the other two and says, "I'm going home to have rough sex with the cat."

I found the joke here but replaced a few of the really vulgar words used in the original version. Mostly, other than the joke, the linked site contains a lot of comment SPAM messages.

Posted by Mr Mouse at May 17, 2004 10:50 PM

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