September 03, 2004

There is actually a big upside to this story

Well, as some of the regular readers might have seen, Lord Zongo has allowed myself and the army of mice I assembled to retake this house to become a part of the household in conjunction with his occupation. I have freely skittered here and there all day long without a hint being shown by Lord Zongo that I or any of my troops is in any danger. The place is free of cats, as well, so, for mice, we seem to be about as secure as mice can be. In addition, people keep throwing large bits of cheese through the windows, and have done so on such a regular basis since I have returned to this house that I am beginning to grow very very fat from consuming mass amounts of such delicious cheese. I am finding that we seem to be provided with more cheese than my entire army is able to consume and it is starting to pile up. I am calling for reinforcements and am finding myself needing thousands of willing mice having a healthy hankering for cheese to volunteer their services. Are you with me, brothers and sisters?

Posted by Mr Mouse at September 3, 2004 10:25 PM

Watch your back, Mouse -- don't be too sure that you can trust this Zongo creep.

And I will send as many reinforcements as possible, including "Toasty," the mouse that has taken up residence somewhere behind our oven.

Posted by: david at September 3, 2004 10:45 PM
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