April 12, 2004

Is there a doctor in the house?

It's actually pretty simple: It's what she gets instead of a penis.
What is what she gets, you ask? Just call me Dr. Kitty from now on, if you please! Of course, you could also see the real story.

Now that we have dispensed with that bit of fluff, where is that fluffy little gray ball of mouse fur? I feel like playing a few rounds of bat the mouse before I take another cat nap.

{Mr Mouse here, just wanting to add that if our own Miss Kitty could write as well as Wonkette, I would gladly call her Dr. Kitty and might even play bat the mouse for a few minutes, but until then, I think I will continue to call her Tuna Breath and avoid all unnecessary contact.}

Posted by Miss Kitty at April 12, 2004 11:12 PM

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Posted by: petit dejeuner at September 27, 2005 01:17 PM
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