April 13, 2004

While the mouse is away, the cat doth play

Oh my, oh my, I just could not stop myself.

I produced that by playing with some thing-a-ma-jig over at Wizbang. It was almost as much fun as playing cat and mouse with Mr Mouse, the little cheese snatching bandit. I have been looking for him all day, but last I heard he was skittering around in Munuvian comments. Well, I am going to sit here and stake out this hole and wait for him. I got wind he has been telling everyone that my name is Tuna Breath and when I catch him, I am going to show him a bit of ten clawed tuna breath.

Oh, thanks to my sista, Kelley, for giving this cat the clue.

Posted by Miss Kitty at April 13, 2004 04:30 AM
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