April 13, 2004

Whatever is that buzzing in my ears?

I thankfully have never worried too much about flies. They tend to hang around Bill Bulldog's biological waste most of the time, and I really have no desire to come between that nasty smelling stuff and those flies that love it. However, I have found that some humans just get a delight from swatting flies. I am unsure what the attraction is to such a useless activity, but whatever floats your boat, as Bird Brain is fond of saying. I do know that Miss Kitty was prowling around when I first accessed that link and she sure looked funny as she twisted this way and that trying to locate all those buzzing flies. It distracted her just enough that I was able to slip away to the safety of my cubby hole in the wall before she was able to determine the exact location of the buzzing sound. I played that game and swatted flies until I discovered that you didn't win any cheese for doing so, so decided I could make better use of my time searching for some way to get some cheese.

Posted by Mr Mouse at April 13, 2004 09:13 PM
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