April 13, 2004

Animals are bloggers too -- and pretty successful ones at that!

Well, Mr Mouse saw an opportunity to get us a bit of publicity here on our new venture and submitted my Olympics story to the pile to be burned on this week's Bonfire of the Vanities hosted by our own benefactor Pixy Misa at his fine blog, Ambient Irony. And if that was not enough, he then submitted my great dog blogging story and his Be the Cheese post to this week's Carnival of the Vanities hosted by Boi from Troy. I was quite pleased with seeing my name up in lights in both places, but Mr Mouse earned a new nickname from the Boi from Troy who dubbed him Myopic Mouse. I am doing my best to hold in my guffaws. Myopic Mouse! Oops, I have to laugh. Sorry cheese breath! I know it is mean and I really do appreciate all the efforts you put forth to bring us a bit more readership, but it is too humorous to ignore. The absolute best thing that Mr Mouse did to assist in building up the readership today was placing a link to my dog blogging story in a comment on Silflay Hraka. I checked the referrer log and see that we got over 20 visitors from that link alone. Good job Mr Myopic Mouse! Only our third day with a counter, fifth day overall since the creation of this blog, and we have had 120 unique visitors already today. I would say we are doing well, and I must give all of the credit to that little gray creature that lives in the hole next to the sofa.

Posted by Bill Bulldog at April 13, 2004 10:44 PM
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