April 14, 2004

The biggest story of the day done the easy way

Sorry, but I am a bit breathless. I have had Miss Kitty right on my heels. It seems she was a bit miffed at being rebuffed by Michele in the previous post, and had her claws fully bared while trying to take her frustration out on my little gray self. I evaded her, as usual, by skittering through blogs here and there. I have seen a lot of stuff about this Air America fiasco, but I need not spend too much time explaining what that is all about. I am sure you too have gotten the story by now. Still, I really liked the simple take on The Fat Guy. Anyway, I do really hate to post and run, but I can hear Miss Kitty's hot breath right on my neck. Not literally, mind you, or I would not be here. It is my figurative way of saying she is closing in for the kill and I have got to scoot.

Posted by Mr Mouse at April 14, 2004 08:18 PM
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