April 15, 2004

Bill is missing

We had thought that Bill was awfully quiet today. He had gone out into the back yard early this morning. It was a day with a lot of nice sunshine and no one had any worries about Bill until after it got dark. He did not come into the house to eat and as it gets later and later, I have begun to worry about him. Mr Mouse has been scurrying about the back yard for the past hour, once Miss Kitty laid down to sleep, allowing him the modicum of freedom necessary to venture forth without having to look back over his shoulder. I am hopeful he will come back with some word that Bill is fine. I shall endeavor to update you at a later time, unless we can get Bill to volunteer to give us all his explanation of why he had not cared to post anything today. It is late, however, and the lights in the house will all be doused very soon by that nameless human caretaker of ours. As such, I shall need to let you all go. Good night.

Posted by Bird Brain at April 15, 2004 12:11 AM

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