April 17, 2004

Scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to share

What a dreary day. The lack of readership is depressing Mr Mouse, Miss Kitty has opted out for the time being, and Bill Bulldog is still recovering from this traumatic episode. I have not found anything on which I feel compelled to comment. However, I am of the opinion that there needs to be some kind of new content in this blog if it is ever to amount to anything amongst the millions and millions of other blogs that also clamor to be seen. Still, I am blank. I have no choice but to reach into that inbox and retrieve another of those emails with some request to answer a question. Let me see, how about this one:

Dear Bird Brain:

I think Beyond the Black Hole is a fantastic blog. I think you are truly cool. What I would like to know is, do you think that Jimmy Buffett's Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes is the best album of all time?

Michael W. Miller, Key West, FL

I appreciate your letter Michael and both your opinion about this blog and my personal temperature, however, you have posed a question that is truly unanswerable. Although it is a fact that Jimmy Buffett is, indeed, a friend to the Parrots and that such album is recognized as one of Buffet's finest achievements, all time has not yet passed. I shall be unable to make any such determination until it has done so.

Posted by Bird Brain at April 17, 2004 07:12 PM
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