May 01, 2004

Yeah, I guess

Velociman has painted a world where different species of birds are analogized as this boxer1 pugilist or that: Blue Jays are painted as Mike Tyson, brutal, belligerent, and ignorant; mockingbirds are characterized as Leon Spinks, although I know a couple of mockingbirds that would take offense at such characterization; and, lastly, grackles are identified as Buster Douglas; and I surmise that he must be black and relatively unloved.

I do know a cockatoo that bears a strong resemblance to Don King.

1 I found that Bill Bulldog was quite confused with my use of the term "boxer." He is still trying to determine whether any of the names used are among some of his dog friends within such breed.

Posted by Bird Brain at May 1, 2004 09:41 AM
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