April 15, 2004

Lost Dog Update

Bill still has not been located. There is no local news, but there was this short email waiting in the email inbox this morning:

Dear fellow bloggers:

I am pained to have learned of the disappearance of one of the members of your blogging team. Allow me to make it known, that despite my reputation, I do not know the location of your friend, Bill Bulldog, nor have I blended him into a smoothie and consumed him. I hope that your your friend is soon located.

Most sincerely,

Glenn "Indeed" Reynolds

I do not know Mr. Reynold's personally, nor know if he resides locally in the Utter, Confusion area, nor why he would think he would be suspected. Miss Kitty seems to think he is lying and probably has Bill locked in a closest. She said we should be receiving a ransom note by carrier pigeon at any moment. I think Miss Kitty spends too much time napping on the top of the television set. Further updates will be forthcoming as information is received.

Posted by Bird Brain at April 15, 2004 08:07 AM
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