August 02, 2004

Would it kill ya to have just a smidgen of modesty?*

Like some guy from my planet would say such a crappy thing to a member of the female species. People on your planet are so weird, it is almost too easy to come up with a scheme to vanquish the minions of this rock. But then again, it seems like most of the people on this planet are trying to push it off on me without a fight. Now, I am wondering if it is worth conquering, if so many are looking for some way off of the planet. I was standing around on the corner in my spacesuit, still wearing my helmet so as to keep the climate control working, because the corner on which I was standing was in full sunlight and the ambient temperature was somewhere in the triple digits on the Fahrenheit scale, the normal scale used for gauging temperature on the galactic scale. So, here I was just standing there, observing several strange looking members walking around with their pants hanging off of their ass or having crammed their bodies into clothing that was likely for someone a few sizes smaller than the denizen dressed in such, hair colors being of unnatural colors and in some of the strangest styles seen on any planet. I almost forgot I was on Earth and thought I had somehow been teleported to the Galactic Nuthouse Mental Institution on Corious Prime. Oh, and to whichever one of you owns this stupid bulldog, could you please get it to stop humping my leg?

*This line was spoken on That 70's Show by the geeky little guy to the red headed Amazon.

Posted by Zongo the Ruthless at August 2, 2004 06:33 PM

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